Reports From The 2019 Nigeria Presidential Debate

The awaited presidential debate, schedule for Nigerians is here with the candidate of the Young Progressives Party (YPP),Kingsley Moghalu, Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN), Obiageli Ezekwesili, and Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN), Fela Durotoye  present at the venue. 

The debate started with Mark Eddo, the Morator who called in the presidential candidates in their alphabetical order.

Atiku and Buhari were absent. Kingsley Moghalu was first to speak, listing things he can do if he eventually becomes the president. After Moghalu came Fela Durotoye who equally reeled out his party’s manifestos and how he is the best candidate for the 2019 presidential election. However,  Ezekwesili spoke extensively on what she will do for the country come 2019 if she wins.

Approach to the economy? 
 I will reform the educational system

 I will give jobs to youths 

Give access to loans that can be paid 

What sector would you focus on to grow the economy?


Three sectors I will focus on are, agriculture, housing construction and road construction

 On the same Economy Ezekwesili spoke intelligently on the economy 

We will lift 80 million Nigerians out of poverty. 

My government will lift women out of poverty. 

My government will remove barriers to productivity.

 See what Atiku said, in the venue,

We came here for a Presidential debate, not a candidacy debate, and I, Atiku Abubakar cannot challenge or question an administration where the man at the helm of the affairs of the nation is not present to defend himself or his policies. #2019Debate

To reduce the cost of governece


 We will employ a working force that will give us what we need, Productivity 

Ezekwesili 1. Dealing with illegality 

How do you make the country work effectively 

 No Penalty  for taxations. 

We must reform our institutions to deliver services that will make people know that we are working

 Creations of more institutions
 Creation of jobs Innovations 
Creations of opportunities
 We will give young people investment and loans of 50, 100 thousand to help curb unemployment

What is your view about Atiku and Buhari’s absent

Am not surprised they are not here 

They have simply announced the defeat Their absent simply means a chance for a new idea that will rescue the country 

What is your view about Atiku and Buhari’s absent 

Old things have past away
 The future is here We have 58 years of independence and not 58 years of freedom Leadership is truly about people who respects people. 

What is your view about Atiku and Buhari’s absent 

We have been in bondage for quite a llong thing 

The second reason why they are not here is because they can not answer the intricate questions of the economy. 

It is a record of fairlure on both sides

they are arrogance and do not have the interest of Nigerians at heart 

Back: On security 


I will solve the corruption problem in the military I will provide intelligent 

I will create the economic opportunities to enhance my government have all it requires to secure military hardware. 

Strengthen the security institutions

I will stop the problem of man know man We will heighten the moral and treat our soldiers very well 


Send signal that there is a new sheriff in town 

Set up a team that will ensure and send a signal that our territory is a not level ground for terrorism. 

We will broaden security Secure our boarders 


Invest in technology that will detect whether those who cross the border are our citizens or our enemy 

Strengthen our customs and security operatives 

How would you stop Kidnapping in Nigeria


We will invest heavily in police force, because we do not have police force in Nigeria. 

We need a modern police force to put a stop to kidnapping. 



Innovating in education (Skill acquisition) We will focus on teacher teaching policy.

 This is where teachers teach student what will help them in the reduction of unemployment. 

What Nigeria is operating is certification and not qualification. 

We have to give the right value to our students.

We have to give the right value to our students.

 How would you solve the agitation of the south east 


We will practice an inclusive government

 We will have a government tailored on total restructuring 




Early child education would be integrated to be used by both the rich and poor students 

Teacher quality. 
We will modernise teaching system and monitor our teachers in what they are teaching 


We will ensure that all citizens have access to fundamental education 

Teachers must be committed to teaching. 

We will employ professionals that will teach students in order for them to compete with first world countries. 


We will invest in teacher training

 We will invent in curriculum reform 

We will invest on how our children learn

 I will end ASUU srike Government/private: 

 How would you Improved the quality of education 


 Identify the learning problems and solving them 

We will focus on the curriculum issue 


We have to create the opportunity for all We will get free transport system for students 

Out of school programmes have to be strengthened 

We will arrest any family that will hold back their children 


My government will make secondary school free.

 We will increase the quality of public schools in the country Healthcare 


We will make sure that each of the six geo political zones have a world cass hospital 

We will invest and prioritise the primary healthcare 


 We will make sure that healthcare is accessible to Nigerians, whether rich or poor. 

We will connect health and wealth for the wellbeing of citizens 


 We will synergise with state and local government to increase and improve our healthcare sector 

We will strengthen the primary healthcare sector 

We will establish a free healthcare for people above 60 and below 18. 
Youth inclusiveness and empowerment 


50 percent of our cabinet will be youths 

We will make sure that our youths are globally competing with other youths in the world 

We will review and update our youths programme to make our youths competitive among the countries of the world.