How To Open Any Desktop Sites On Mobile

There are many secrets of the smart phone that people are yet to understand. Once you are with a smart phone, you have the right to enjoy any internet activities you love doing on your mobile phone not until you go to desktop. 
Today I will be showing you how to manupulate and open any desktop requesting site on your mobile phone. 

First you need to download this recent browsers, mean the updated ones, if yours is old you should try and update it.
These browsers are Google Chrome, and Opera browser not the mini please.

Now to get your site open like desktop view on mobile phone.
Enter the website in the address bar and go to the top of your browser you will see 3 dots ... By your right click it and tick on desktop site. And it will load to desktop view. But if in the case of it not viewing like desktop. Change the link from e.g to or also try on other sites just put www and that's all. enjoy same viewing as desktop.

Drop your comments we be here to help.