Bobrisky the famous Nigerian gay had himself change into a lady

The famous bobrisky and his dream of becoming a lady is now finally achieve look at the new bobrisky having a feature off a full complite lady his transformation is astonish. Of late, Nigerian male Barbie, Bobrisky looks every inch like a lady with female features. The bleaching expert now goes around looking shapely like a young woman. 

He now has well rounded buttocks and a breast.Just when we thought Bobrisky had truly changed his changed his genitals, this picture pops up and we are tempted to think he still has the ding dong. Cross dresser Bobrisky born Okuneye Idris has left us to believe his genitals have been changed. I mean he talks about menstruation and cramps and having a baby and getting sanitary pads so what is that thing showing in this picture. 

As for the man who prides himself with the walking accolade, African Male Barbie, the least said about him—the better for us all. But you know how we live for such petty dramas? According to Bobrisky, her birthday comes off soon and she would be travelling outside the country to celebrate it. However, she says she is going to come up with a little something to share with her friends and loved ones and as part of that, she treated her self to a spa treatment where she showed us her ass. 

Take a look at this pictures below.