Nigerian Students Fashion & Design Week, With Opportunity To visit the United States.

Nigerian Students Fashion & Design Week

Emerging fashion designers from all across Nigeria are getting ready to showcase their skills this summer in preparation for the annual event.

Nigerian Student Fashion & Design Week, which will award two outstanding fashion designers with the opportunity to visit the United States for a once in a lifetime chance to debut their collections at African Fashion Week Houston, taking place in Houston, The Accra Fashion Week Ghana and the the Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Accra.
The special collaboration between (a major U.S. based international cultural fashion showcase) and the Nigerian Student Fashion and Design Week (one of Africa’s top rated fashion showcases dedicated to discovering talented fashion designers), will align together to select two well deserving participants from this year’s Nigerian Student Fashion and Design Week through a special contest that is scheduled to take place in Lagos, Nigeria. 

In addition, Abiola Orimolade, founder of Nigerian Student Fashion & Design Week, stated that, "NSFDW will use its platform and connections to push the African Fashion Week Houston brand and it designers to the African community.” Furthermore, the partnership will promote a common platform between organisations to advance opportunities for emerging fashion designers to present their collections in the presence of fashion industry professionals, companies, sponsors and potential consumers within dual global market.

About Nigerian Student Fashion & Design Week

Nigerian Student Fashion & Design Week is the first visibly known fashion showcase platform in Nigeria dedicated to discovering raw fashion talents, and giving them a unique platform to showcase on an international level. NSFDW has consecutively focused on recognizing emerging fashion designers by bringing their designs to the NSFDW runway, and giving designers the opportunity to be mentored by renowned fashion entrepreneurs.Since its inception in 2013, NSFDW has showcased over five hundred plus breakout fashion designers, and continues to lead the way in producing innovative, indigenous, and contemporary favorites on the runway.

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Reporting: Azeez Olalekan for   Nigerian Student Fashion & Design Week