Yagi Level Boss Lil Kesh - My Career Not Death Am Back For More This Year

Lil Kesh

Yagi Level boss, Nigerian rapper Lil Kesh, has come back to stay this year... By replying to his critics that his career is not dead as publicized on some platforms, and that he only took a break to concentrate on other aspects of his life. The singer, in a chat with The Punch, stated that he didn’t plan to do many things as a musician last year

He said;
“I didn’t hold a solo concert last year because I feel there is time for everything. To be honest, I didn’t have a lot of plans for last year. It wasn’t like I planned to do many things and couldn’t achieve them. I didn’t intend to have many concerts or shoot a lot of musical videos.” 
According to Lil Kesh I was able to achieve the few things he set out to do, and that made him happy. He said, “Last year, I wasn’t just a musician. I was also a businessman and I tried to put a lot of things in place. Although my energy was divided, I was happy that I was able to do other things apart from music.”