Obasonjo -thoughts for 2019 elections.

2019: Nigerians react as Obasanjo says he has no preferred presidential candidate
Nigerians on social media have reacted to a statement by former
President Olusegun Obasanjo that he has no preferred presidential
candidate for the 2019 election.
Obasanjo made the statement at the 27th annual Owu National
Convention, held in Iwo, Osun on Saturday, while warning Nigerians
on who to vote for in the forthcoming presidential election.
Obasanjo, who some people believed has decided to support Alhaji
Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the Peoples
Democratic Party (PDP), said he needed Nigerians to vote wisely
for a credible candidate, who can liberate the country.
His statement has since stirred divergent reactions from Nigerians
on social media, querying his unstable support for Atiku Abubakar.
Here are some comments gathered from Twitter:
@Adainado “Obasanjo is a master tactician. He is being technically
tactical. But history has it, “the persons he has supported in the
past, has occupied the Villa”, even the incumbent is jittery. They
criticize OBJ during day, but go to him like thieves in the night for
his blessings”
@Seunbamgbose15 “Baba is just either confused or beginning to
make peace with God.”
@Congress15257 “Baba iyabo is in between two opinion. Which is
either to follow after His Conscience or after Dollar. The choice is
@Adam_Yakub “This old man is confused, He is afraid of Buharis
policies. They hate to see Nigeria growing.”
@Dejiblac1 “Baba don see say the road no pure for Atiku,he wan
play safe( sharp man)
@Patmanjudy “I said it ! Obasanjo is that type of a politician who
can never support a single candidate . Meaning that he is a double
minded person who talks from both sides of the mouth. Before the
end of January 2019,he’ll drop a very big bombshell. Watch out !
@Muhamma02667155 “Obasanjo engaged in a tactical manoeuver
to escape embarrassment after 2019 elections. Why did the old
man earlier endorsed Atiku without proper analysis.”
@Kingkessy10 “No one needs your opinion again, you’re Old as hell!
The youths are supposed to be the one with opinions now in this
@AdepojuAShittu “Baba knows that the movement called Buharism
will sweep him away come 2019, he is tactically falling in line.
@Abubakar47i “Obasanjo is that scalar quantity in physics. Unlike a
vector quantity, he’s directionless. Today he’s with Atiku,
tomorrow, he doesn’t have a candidate.”